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Rio Vallone Horses

Rio Vallone Horses The "Equestrian Center Rio Vallone S.S.D. to R. L." is a center in Brianza where you perform the following activities: Riding school American or Western Riding school English Reining (Western riding discipline) Show Jumping Care and maintenance Horses Summer camps for children Walks in the park The Equestrian Center is born recently and has new facilities and functional; It is adjacent to the Sports Centre and the Golf's new village of Camuzzago in Bellusco is located directly in the 'park of the same name that offers the possibility of pleasant walks. In the center there are two Federal Technicians (FISE) Alessandro Milani (Level III) follows the part Reining, prepares students and training horses to take them to the regional, national and international. Alice Fellini deals instead of riding school English, Jumping and Western riding base, from the first approach to the horse until you come to a preparation at a competitive level. The Center also offers a school for children of the first approach and a summer camp for a full immersion in the world of horses.
With thel English and American riding school you want to teach a sport that is also a school of life and where the relationship with the animal and with nature helps children to acquire a sense of responsibility and self-confidence. 
In this Center horses can find an ideal environment thanks to the attention that is paid to their treatment, in particular as regards the 'feeding and cleaning of the bedding. The center is affiliated to the FISE and Csain Riding.


Leonardo da Vinci and the Adda

During the Renaissance, the Duchy of Milan was one of the states most culturally and technologically advanced in the Italy of Lords: this was mainly due to the complex system of canals that irrigated the plains since Roman Milan, making it one of the most fertile Europe. On this dense network of canals, channels, ditches and Roggiole they developed industry and commerce: the water provided energy for mills, spinning mills and spinning, crazy paper, forges; and it was communication route for the transport of goods and people from Valtellina and Switzerland to Milan in garrison were built toll daziari as the House of the Chamber Director of Vaprio d'Adda. The Muzza canal, which leads to the waters of the Adda Cassano d'Adda at Lodi countryside was built in 1220; Naviglio Piccolo or the Martesana, from Trezzo in Milan, was completed in 1457. The waters of the Adda and the Ticino came in Milan through the pit inside the canals, the Tombone of San Marco and the marina of Porta Ticinese: on their sides stood multiple activities; industrial. Leonardo was staying in Milan for two long periods: from 1482 to 1500 and again from 1506 al1512. The friendship with the Milanese nobleman Girolamo Melzi led him often to the country estate of the family, in Vaprio d'Adda, where he took as his student son Francis, who would accompany him to the death in France, inheriting codes. During his stay on the banks of the river, Leonardo led studies and experiments for his treatise "The Waters" and portrayed the landscapes of the middle course of: the river between Monasterolo and Trezzo (Windsor, Royal Library), and the Martesana promontory Concesa (Windsor, Royal Library), ferry ("port") between Vaprio and Canonica (Windsor, Royal Library) virtually identical to that still now working in Imbersago, Trezzo Castle (drew up a plan), the Gorge d'Adda - with the famous glimpse of Three horns, (painted them in the background of the Virgin of the Rocks, and, perhaps, the Mona Lisa). Conceived and planned improvements and technology upgrades to the closed hydraulic (who were called since then "locks vinciane"), designed the Paderno Canal connecting Lake Como with the city of Milan (Codex Atlanticus)


The 4 path's parks

The path of the four parks is a walking trail , a long route from Arcore , the heart of the Brianza Vimercate , leading to Lecco , using ( almost ) only the network of paths of four national parks . It starts from Arcore along the paths of the Parco dei Colli Briantei , abandoning the plain to address the first hills of Brianza . Road for its entire length ilParco Montevecchia Regional and Curone Valley then climb the slopes of Monte San Genesio and continue on the crest of Monte Brianza until Galbiate . Galbiate from crossing the Regional Park of Monte Barro , it will reach the city of Lecco and Lake Como . Not imagined that in Brianza was possible to walk for two days in the countryside far from concrete and car ? Instead yes , you can!